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Walnut Grove Case Study

Lynx Professional Services is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients. We also take time to get to know the exact nature of the project to ensure a smooth, seamless process for providing the work our clients need.


Mike Rosen is one such client.  Like many architects, Rosen is incredibly busy and often needs the engage third-party vendors to help handle aspects of his production workload.


This is where Lynx Professional Services shines. We were able to provide needed support for  his firm including drafting, rendering, animation, and modeling. While we’ve worked with Rosen and his team on many projects, we want to highlight one specific project as it highlights the broad scope of the services we provide our clients.


Before we get into the project details, let’s first showcase how we manage workflow and markup requests. As you can see from the video below, Lynx Professional Services is a process-driven organization. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients’ specific demands are met with each project. Instead of telling you about our process, we made a brief overview of it so that you can better understand how we work. 

Walnut Station. Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Walnut Station is a large-scale apartment complex set over two stories of parking in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, a city roughly 30 miles north of Philadelphia. This project was to be presented to all of the necessary principles within the local government, and Rosen and his team needed help in several areas.


Lynx handled the preliminary concept drawings, rendering, presentation package, and design development drawings. Walnut Station provides a snapshot of the many services Lynx provides to our clients.

Concept Drawings - 1.5 Weeks to Complete

Walnut Station's team needed professional concept drawings that caught the eye while ensuring the necessary specifications were met. These drawings were used in the pitch process to government agencies in the region that needed to sign off on the project as well as on the trade show floor at events Rosen would attend around the country.


After communicating with the team about the needs for the project, Lynx Professional Services created top-of-the-line level concept drawings in a process that took less than two weeks in total.

Rendering - 1 Week to Complete

Similarly to the concept drawings, the Walnut Station team also needed high-level renderings for the project. This is yet another area where Lynx Professional Services shines, and within one week we created professional renderings for Rosen that showcased his vision. As you can see below, the renderings captured the essence and feel of the property while showcasing what it will be like when complete.

Design Development Drawings- 1 Week to Complete

One of the more in-depth aspects of the project the Walnut Station Team needed help with was the design development drawings. Because Lynx Professional Services had become immersed in the project and its specifications with the previous pieces, it was a seamless process to also create expert-level design development drawings that showcased the various aspects of the building itself. How seamless was the process? It took Lynx Professional Services one week to complete the entire design development drawing portion. That’s because at that point we had become part of Rosen’s team on this project and we knew the ins and outs of every aspect of the structure.

Presentation Package

Having already created top-of-the-line renderings, concept drawings, and design development drawings, Lynx Professional Services was able to create a presentation package that showcased everything pertinent about the project without overwhelming the audience with needless information. The presentation was easily digestible, yet full of the information each audience needed to hear.

As you can see from the various pieces we created for the Walnut Station Team, Lynx Professional Services produced high-quality work with tight turnarounds spanning a wide array of services.


Lynx Professional Services provided everything our client needed all while seamlessly managing the unique challenges and demands of the project. We can do the same for your firm! Contact Lynx Professional Services today to start a conversation about your needs and how we can help solve the challenges you’re facing.