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“LYNX Professional Services reliably provided everything we needed, all while seamlessly managing the unique challenges, demands timelines of our project." 


Don't Worry About The Operations


With clients around the globe, Lynx Professional services assures expert outsourced architects, engineers, designers developers a top-quality cost-effective solution that is sure to exceed expectations.

We understand the detail accuracy needed, the creative conceptualization the urgency of the architectural process. That's why our certified and dedicated teams focus on maintaining quality with maximum efficiency to meet your deadlines; empowering your company to grow while reducing expenditure and maintaining a high level of service

We pride ourselves on our dedicated, specialized, and experienced professional services team; Offering 24/7 global availability. Our team is comprised of architects, engineers, designers, estimators, bookkeepers, interior designers, and draughtsman. Our skilled experts are approachable native English communicators that can seamlessly collaborate with your team, hassle-free.

Seamless, Efficient Performance


Outsource Architecture

Stage 1: Inception

  • Receive, Appraise and Report on the Client's Requirements with Regard to:

    • The Client's Brief​

    • The Site, Rights  Constraints

    • Budgetary Constraints

    • The Need for Consultants

    • Project Programme

    • Methods of Contracting

Stage 2: Concept Viability

  • Prepare the Initial Design and Advise the Client on the following:

    • Intended Space Provisions and Planning Relationships.

    • Proposed Materials and Intended Building Services.

    • Technical and Functional Characteristics of the Design.

    • Check for Conformity of the Concept with regards to the Rights to the Use of the Land.

    • Review the Anticipated Costs of the Project.

    • Review the Project Programme.

Stage 3: Design Development

  • Confirm the Scope and Complexity.

  • Review the Design and Consult with the Local and Statutory Authorities.

  • Develop the Design, Construction System, Materials and Components.

  • Incorporate and Co-ordinate all Services and the Work of Consultants.

  • Review the Design, Costing and Programme with the Consultants.

Stage 4: Documentation Procurement

  • Prepare Documentation Sufficient for Local Authority Submission:

    • Co-ordinate Technical Documentation with the Consultants and Complete Primary Co-ordination.

    • Prepare Specifications for the Works.

    • Review Costing and Programme with the Consultants.

    • Obtain Client's Authority Submit Documents for Approval.

  • Complete Construction Documentation and Proceed to Call for Tenders:

    • Obtain Authority to Prepare Documents to Procure Offers for the Execution of the Works.

    • Obtain Evaluate Offers for the Execution of the Works.

    • Recommend on the Award of the Building Contract  Prepare Documentation to Arrange Signing thereof.

Stage 5: Construction

  • Administer the Building Contract.

  • Give Possession of the Site to the Contractor.

  • Issue Construction Documentation.

  • Initiate and/or Check Sub-Contract Design and Documentation that are Appropriate.

  • Inspect the Works for Conformity to the Contract Documentation and Acceptable Quality in Terms of Industry Standards.

  • Issue the Certificate of Practical Completion.

  • Assist the Client to Obtain the Occupation Certificate.

Stage 6: Close Out

  • Fulfil and Complete the Project Close-Out including the Preparation of the Necessary Documentation to Facilitate the Effective Completion, Handover and Operation of the Project.

  • After the Contractor’s Obligations with Respect to the Building Contract are Fulfilled, the Architect shall Issue the Certificate related to Contract Completion.

  • Provide the Client with As-Built Drawings and Relevant Technical and Contractual Undertakings by the Contractor and Sub-Contractors. 

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