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Walnut Grove Case Study

Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Walnut Station is a large-scale apartment complex set over two stories of parking in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, a city roughly 30 miles north of Philadelphia. This project was to be presented to all of the necessary principles within the local government, and Rosen and his team needed help in several areas.


Lynx handled the preliminary concept drawings, rendering, presentation package, and design development drawings. Walnut Station provides a snapshot of the many services Lynx provides to our clients.


This is where Lynx Professional Services shines. We were able to provide needed support for  his firm including drafting, rendering, animation, and modelling. While we’ve worked with Rosen and his team on many projects, we want to highlight one specific project as it highlights the broad scope of the services we provide our clients - how we manage workflow and markup requests. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients’ specific demands are met with each project.

Project Overview

From Concept To Design In 3,5 Short Weeks

Lynx Professional Services

Concept Drawings (1,5 Weeks)

Walnut Station's team needed professional concept drawings that caught the eye while ensuring the necessary specifications were met. These drawings were used in the pitch process to government agencies in the region that needed to sign off on the project as well as on the trade show floor at events Rosen would attend around the country.

Rendering (1 Week)

One of the more in-depth aspects of the project was the design development drawings. It was a seamless task for Lynx to also create expert-level design development drawings that showcased the various aspects of the building itself. It took less than 1 week to complete because we became part of Rosen’s team on this project and we knew the in's and outs of every aspect of the structure.

Design Drawings (1 Week)

The Walnut Station team also needed

high-level renderings for the project to capture the essence feel of the property. This is yet another area where Lynx Professional Services shines, and within one week we created professional renderings for Rosen that showcased his vision.

DOWNLOAD Presentation Package

With FREE renderings, concept development drawings.

Walnut Grove Drawings

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