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Lynx Professional Services provides outsourced architecture, drafting, interior design, and engineering solutions as well as BIM and construction documentation.


Our certified and dedicated teams focus on quality and efficiency to meet your deadlines. Approachable, native English communicators and 24/7 service facilitate collaborative workflows and ensure adherence to guidelines with necessary changes quickly implemented.



Proficient in Revit, AutoCAD, 3D Studio MAX, Google Sketchup, 2020, CabinetVision, and Vertex, and other specialty software, our teams can master your project's unique software demands. With years of experience working for leading architects, engineers, designers and developers, we strive to offer cost-effective solutions that exceed expectations



The key to great architecture is capturing the essence of space. Understanding the architectural process, with the assistance of Lynx experts, will help design homes, resorts, office space, retail, industrial and commercial property.

Why Choose Lynx Professional Services?

  • Skilled and internationally experienced architects

  • Excellent knowledge of Sketch Up, Revit, and CAD Software

  • From conceptual design through to the final design

  • Plans amended for refurbishing, alterations, and renovating existing buildings

  • Project management, design consulting, 3D modeling and graphic representations

  • Plans completed on time to the standards and requirements of the customer


Standard Set of Plans:

Cover Sheet, Site Diagram, Information Floor Pan, Dimensional Plans, Electrical Plans, Elevations, and Perspective Plans, Sectional Plans, Stair Details, Wall Details sections,  Framing Plans, Decking Details, Foundation Details, Window and Door Schedule, and extra details including Plumbing and Waste.